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The biggest message in this episode is to build goals to make your life better (health, own more time, do more than you enjoy) and create identity around it. Conceptualizing yourself as a person that does your goals, and avoiding negativity make a huge difference.

The point of simplification on the path to fi isn't to set up such a simple life that you're fi, but building frameworks around which goals come to us. Something like getting healthy in a few years, or taking control of more of your time.

Neat Thoughts

The biggest thing is systems give us goals, and more clarity towards those tactical goals.

Don't focus on a net worth number, but focus on owning your time.

With a high savings rate you can fall backwards into financial success. It smoothes out bad luck!

With those long term outcome goals to strive towards, we can optimize our inputs towards that goal, whether with time or spending.

Question recurring expenses, especially when they don't benefit you as much as you're paying. Car payments, etc.

Look into mortgage recasting. Rather than refinancing you can reamoritize the loan to lower payments if you've paid a lot off, or to drop pmi with a reconsideration of the appraisal (like you actually only owe 75% of the real value of the home, if it has appreciated)

Look up "a complaint free world" by William Bowen, and be aware of negativity and sarcasm around you. It doesn't serve us! Life (and personal finance) is a product of what we think about. Avoid negativity and negative people!

Last updated on 3/21/2022