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Product Led Growth

Essentially, a strategy for selling freemium software through building a killer product and automating sales by really good user onboarding.

Chapter 2

Customer acquisition costs are only getting higher!

3/4 of customers prefer to self educate!

Consumers want to try before they buy.

Chapter 3

Go to market strategy

Sales led GTM is useful when targeting high long term value customers, like complex enterprise software, or hyper niche markets.

Sales led helps when creating a new category.

Sales creates friction in the sales cycle, and passes costs on to consumers that don't return value.

Product Led teams try to solve their problems with the product. Like, how can we use the product to qualify leads?

User success is the biggest part of this.

Chapter 4

Really interesting discussion on picking a business model using the MOAT methodology. You only need this once (Hopefully!), so just read this chapter.

If you're capturing current demand (red ocean), think about targeting a niche that is underserved.

Think about how you want to sell: top down, or bottom up!

Overall the message here is that the higher touch the sales process is, the slower and more erratic the revenue cycle will be.

Last updated on 3/29/2022